Since he was a teen Frank has had two lifelong hobbies, flying and photography. And while he loves taking his plane out to see the sights around Arizona, his favorite way to view landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert is through a camera lens. There are few things Frank enjoys doing more than taking an excellent shot, tinkering with it in editing software to bring out the best version of the picture, and printing it on the perfectly selected paper or canvas to eventually join dozens of other gorgeous photographs on his pool table. Anyone who has been to Frank’s house knows that the pool table has not seen use in years but is instead an area of display for his best shots, with an enormous number of pictures stacked on top of each other. From pictures of Galapagos wildlife to his famous 8-foot long panorama of Bryce Canyon, friends and family love sorting through the stacks and, if they’re very lucky, taking one home to put on their walls. While you may not always be able to head over to Frank’s house and sift through the pool table, we invite you to do the next best thing and browse through a selection of his best shots here. If you like something, get in touch, and we will provide you a copy of your picture of choice at fair prices on the finest quality paper or canvas. Frank also loves shooting sports and events, so if you have something in mind coming up, either call or email and we will see what we can do. Thanks and enjoy.